About Us.

God has given us enough things with which we can live a peaceful and confortable life, still we go to make our lives better.

No one can deny that gadgets do not only simplify our lives and increase flexibility and efficiency, but also make them more comfortable and luxurious.

Having moved to the US 8 years ago, I quickly became excited with all the opportunities online shopping has to offer. I am a passionate home foodie, so I began to feed my addiction shopping for timesaving utensils and innovative kitchen gadgets, buying new things everyday. Next thing I know, I simply became interested in all kinds of gadgets that promised to make my life easier.

After a few bad experiences I encountered and really poor customer support I became motivated to create the mKitchen World Brand.

Soon I discovered that there are gadgets that make it to mainstream media and everyone knows about them. But then, there are also novelty gadgets that don’t make it to the limelight but they can greatly improve our life.

I created the mKitchen World brand to improve your life and make it more pleasurable, to bring the family together and also a smile on your face. Gadgets have become essential and they also help to remove boredom and loneliness in your daily life.

How does mKitchen World make a difference?

My mission is to make your home smarter, more functional, and more fun to live in and to maintain the comfort and convenience in everyday life.

mKitchen World offers world-class customer support to assist you with anything you may need.

*Every month the mKitchen World brand adds around 10,000 satisfied customers.


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